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If you look up the word "furnish" in the dictionary, you'll find that it means "to provide" and "to equip".  At Furnish, we provide our community an alternative to the landfill.  We equip people with the skills and inspiration to reuse and transform things on their own.

Furnish is dedicated to using creativity and brain power to extending the life span of things that would otherwise be thrown away.  We collect items from the community and either use them in a class or just refinish them and make them beautiful.  If not, we'll get them to someone who can use them!



Founder, Co-Owner + Chief Transformation Officer

Darcy is an Ohio-born-turned-mountain-lover.  She quit her corporate job in 2015 in search of a career that she was passionate about.  It turns out she has a fierce passion for reducing landfill waste and educating members of the Anchorage community on their options to donate, reuse and/or repurpose usable goods.  After growing her own small furniture painting business for about 4 years at Anchorage re:MADE, Darcy started Furnish in April 2021.

Darcy is an aspiring minimalist and an avid locavore.  She's recently started eating less meat and dairy, and loves to cook for others.  She has a habit of trying to convince entrepreneurs to quit their day jobs and follow their heart, and she constantly has paint on her hands.


Co-Owner + Chief Salvage Officer

Kayla received her B.S. of Environmental Science in 2013. With this piece of paper in hand she had a hard decision to make, “what now?”.  She could head back to Montana, the “Big Sky State”, or she could go bigger! So off to Alaska she went and Anchorage is where she stayed. She has held a variety of jobs but her passion for the environment and community have carried into each. She loves the creative and engaging environment Furnish provides and is beyond enthusiastic to be a part of it! 

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