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Urban Garden


  • Do you pick up free furniture on the side of the road?

  • Do you cringe when there's no recycling and you have to throw a plastic bottle in the trash?

  • Do you look at discarded supplies and material and get all jazzed up thinking about what you could do with them?

You're in good company!

There are a bunch of ways to get involved at Furnish and meet others who love the idea of reducing waste.  First, the easiest way is to attend one of our events!  We host a variety of events for all budgets and interests.  Click the button below to see what's coming up.



If you're interested in being first in line for 

Want to really start getting into the waste reduction lifestyle?  Darcy has started a community of folks on Patreon who are taking on the challenge of changing daily habits to benefit the environment.  Check it out!

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