Turn your plastic waste into lumber

We know that recycling in Alaska is tough.  Not only does our plastic recycling need to get shipped to the lower 48, sometimes it's not actually recycled.

Does this make you cringe a little?  Us too.

That's what we are partnering with a local engineer who is collecting plastic all around Alaska to shred, melt and mold it into lumber.

Close-up of plastic recycling symbol 01 PET (Polyethylene terephthalate)_.jpg

What plastics do you collect and how do I tell what's what?

We accept plastics #1, #2, #4 and #5.

Most plastic items have a label on the bottom that indicates what type of plastic they are made of.  You'll find this number inside the arrow triangle symbol we often associate with recycling.

This photo shows an example of a #1 plastic, with a "1" inside the arrow triangle.  If your plastic has a "1", "2", "4" or "5", we accept it!

Screen Shot 2022-11-01 at 5.05.44 PM.png

We are the Anchorage collection point.

Communities in Homer, Seward, Soldotna and more are collecting plastics 1, 2, 4 and 5 for this project.  This is one of the collection containers in Seward, AK.

Stop in during our shopping hours (Saturday + Sunday 10AM-4PM) to drop off your plastic!

Screen Shot 2022-11-01 at 5.05.44 PM.png

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