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  • Darcy

A Tale of Two Fridges

Now that we're over 1 year old, it's fun to think back to the shenanigans that happened when we were first getting started! I have two stories for you. This first tale involves a mini fridge. Actually, they both do.

I wanted a mini fridge for the studio space. I wanted to keep my lunch in there on work days, I wanted to stock drinks for my students, etc. A friend called me and said "There's a mini fridge next to my dumpster and it looks to be in really good shape!" So naturally, I drove over there immediately, without a bra on, and put it in the back of my car. I didn't know anything about this fridge except that it was in visibly good condition. We got it back to the studio and WOMP WOMP... it didn't work. Now what?

I couldn't just throw it in the dumpster. So I did something I've never done before - I took it to the dump. The Municipality of Anchorage has a program for responsibly recycling appliances, but it unfortunately cost me $32 to do so. So I paid that $32 and dropped that bad boy in fridge purgatory (pictured here).