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A Tale of Two Fridges: Part II

... and now it's time for part II of a Tale of Two Fridges. *Queue the theme song for As The World Turns*.

OK, so the second tale is more of a heart warmer and not much else. This all occurred when we first opened Furnish. Word of my failed mini fridge acquisition got around and friends were sympathetic and looking to get me a shop-warming gift. My sister was visiting from California to help me get ready for Furnish's opening weekend, so one friend decided he would team up with my sister to plan "a secret mission". (He told me there was a "secret mission" involved which makes it not secret at all, hence the quotation marks.).

That night around 10PM, my sister says, "OK I'm going out for a bit!" Naturally, I assumed it was time for the secret mission and went to sleep.

The next morning, to my surprise, I discovered a mini fridge in my studio in pristine condition. I was very grateful. But I was also a little uneasy. Furnish's whole mission is centered around reuse and avoiding buying new whenever possible. This fridge looked too nice to be used. Still, I sent gratitude text messages to the secret mission soldiers as soon as I could and meant every word.

Later, I found out more about the events of this secret mission. Here's a play-by-play for you:

  • 10:30PM - my friend picks up my sister from my apartment with the intention of buying a mini fridge and taking it to the studio in the later hours of the evening.

  • 10:42PM - the accomplices pull into Wal-Mart, and my sister exclaims, "wait, what are we doing? We can't buy a mini fridge from Wal-Mart for Furnish!"

  • 10:43PM - they park in a parking spot and get on Facebook Marketplace, sending messages to no less than 7 listings for mini fridges.

  • 11:04PM - one of them responded and that it could be picked up right then.

  • 11:22PM - with mini fridge in tow, the car heads to Furnish.

  • 11:51:PM - fridge is installed in the studio.

You guys. I'm blown away by this story everytime I think about it. Not only do I have a sister who fought for my mission to only have used items to build the business, but I have friends who would scour Facebook Marketplace at 11 O'CLOCK AT NIGHT to find me a used mini fridge. I can't even express how much gratitude I felt.

So I hope this story warmed your heart a little bit too. And I hope you have a support team as amazing as mine.

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