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Consume Less: Part II

Welcome to Part II of Consume Less, where we give our thoughts and recommendations on how we can be more intentional on what we bring into our homes and our lives. The more we can think about what we consume, the less waste we will generate!

Part II is about the "comfort consumption" category. This would include anything you don't need to live but they improve your life in some way; things we are fortunate enough to have the option to purchase living in a first world country.

For this type of consumption, my main message might sound like a broken record = shop second hand as much as humanly possible! I've been doing this for about 10 years. I always search for options second hand and if there's nothing available that fits my need, function, etc., I will start searching to purchase it new. This absolutely takes a little more effort. But it's a choice I hope you all will make a little more often starting now!

After these many years, I've found there are some second hand sourcing channels that are better than others for certain things. Here there are:

  • Home decor and furniture - thrift stores and Facebook Marketplace! There are tons of blogs and social media accounts that can show how to style a second hand home. For all you on Instagram, follow the #secondhandhome or #mythriftedhome hashtags for inspo!

  • Kitchen appliances - Facebook Marketplace. If you recall my mini fridge adventures (Part I and Part II), it's a great idea to be able to ask questions first and find out a little more about that toaster or rice cooker before you buy it.

  • Recreational and outdoor items - consignment stores or Facebook Marketplace! These are both great options because often you can talk to the previous owner about the item or the staff at the store who will know more about it. In Anchorage, we have The Hoarding Marmot and I've gotten anything from rain coats to sun glasses to water bottles from them! Consult Google for options near you!

  • Clothing - consignment stores and YOUR FRIENDS! Oh man, I can't tell you how many things in my wardrobe are from my friends. Otherwise, I've been able to find awesome consignment options in just about every city I've visited... ever.

Have suggestions for where to shop second hand in Anchorage? Send them over! Email!

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