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Product Review: Reusable Q-tip

Happy summer, Furnish fam!

Every once in a while, I'll pop on here and write a review of a waste-reducing item. First, I'll cover one of my favorites: the reusable Q-tip!

I use the brand pictured here, called Last Object and their reusable Q-tip is called Last Swab. They make a handful of hygiene-type items that prevent single use, all shipped in cardboard packaging. There are some other brands out there that I haven't tried, but I know at least one of those other brands packages each individual item in plastic. I MEAN C'MON.


OK back to the good guys... the Last Swab is non-toxic, super durable, and comes in a biodegradable carrying case. Yeeeeehaw! Now, the idea of pulling ear wax out and having to wash it off of your Last Swab could seem gross. But it washes off easily, have no fear.

I've heard feedback that it feels you need to use this Q-tip more often than a normal Q-tip. I haven't felt that way myself, but probably because I DO use mine more than normal Q-tips because those things were so wasteful! I've started using and washing mine in the shower so it's just part of my morning routine.

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