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State of the Studio Address

Hi everyone, thank you for tuning in today for our State of the Studio Address. We'd like to update you on our first year, share some insight into where we're going and how you can join the community.

It's official - we have been open for a full year! I can't believe it. We have some important numbers we want to share with you so you can get an idea of how we've grown.

  • We started in 880 sqft and we just moved into a 1600 sqft space

  • We started with 14 artists and vendors and we now have 39

  • We started with shopping days on 2 days a week, now we're looking into at least 3, if not 4.

  • We went from a one woman show (yours truly) and we are now a team of four. I brought on a business partner and we have two part time managers who work for us now. I'll introduce them in an upcoming post soon, I promise.

A few other things we're proud of - 51% of our income has gone to back to those artists as commission for their items that have sold.

We've sold 194 pieces of furniture and 532 home decor/accessory items, which means those items/material were saved from the landfill and now living their best second life in your homes!

We partnered with another reuse business, Faux Ever Green, for a seasonal second location in Homer and we plan to do that again.

We've created 2 jobs doing this work. Woo hoo!

Now it's time to talk a little bit about where we're headed. But before that, let me just remind everyone of something you may have read on the About page of our website. The word "furnish" means to provide and to equip. We have worked hard over the past year to provid

e an alternative to taking items to the landfill, as well as provide a retail experience that inspires and aligns with your values of sustainability.

In the years to come, we want to work more on that "equip" part. We're going to teach skills, inspire ideas and provide tools for living a life with less waste. And so our goal this next year is to teach at least 2 classes each week in our new studio.

We're going to challenge you to think about your lifestyle and how it impacts the environment. We're also going to challenge you to start thinking about landfill diversion as a growing industry and not just something we do as a hobby. We're going to produce more content that's informational and educational on these topic, in addition to content of our amazing transformations. We've added a blog to our website and we're currently researching other communication avenues like memberships and in person events.


also want to continue to build a community. In the past 12 months we hosted a social event at Zip Kombucha and a craft weekend in Girdwood. We hosted a vendor work day at SEED Lab at the Anchorage Museum. These events were few but they were wonderful and now that it is becoming more safe to gather, you can expect us to host many more events like this. For example, one time I reposted a meme that said "what if we had a party bus but it took us to a bunch of thrift stores?" And you know what, we got so much interaction from that post... we're gonna do fun stuff like a thrift store party bus!

So how can you be a part of this blossoming community? There are many ways and I'll start from low effort and work my way up to high.

  • Sign up for our newsletter. We send 1-2 emails a month to keep you updated on what we do. It's short and simple to read and we almost always include some transformation eye candy in there.

  • Then,

we'd ask you to SHARE. You're going to hear me say this a few times

  • Follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Many of you already do since you're watching this right now. We post multiple times each week with updates, and yes, more transformation eye candy.

  • I'm going to say it again - SHARE. Please spread the word on social media to your friends and family who love what we do.

  • Come in to the shop. Even if you don't buy anything! We want you to inspire you to reuse on your own. Maybe you'll see something that's been transformed by one of our artists and it will spark an idea for you to save something from the landfill.

  • Shop in the shop! And I'm not saying this because we want your money, but because the more you buy from Furnish, the more stuff is saved from the landfill.

  • Attend a Salvage Society meeting. These are free workdays where we pick something in the studio that needs some TLC and we get creative toget

her. They're free and fun.

  • You can also attend our events or take a class to learn how to reuse and transform things on your own. This community extends outside the walls of the shop and we want everyone in Anchorage to be a professional reuser :)

  • Lastly, you can become a vendor. We are always looking for artists of all skill levels who create items out of existing material

Thank you again to all of you for your love and support. We could not be growing without you.

The Furnish Team

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