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We're pivoting!

As the new year approaches, we have decided to pivot to a different business model. This was a difficult decision to finalize because we love so much about the retail shop, especially the people.  We have a fantastic group of vendors, artists, and customers who are like family!

Instead of running a retail shop, we will continue to work magic on items we save from the landfill, we’ll just sell them at markets and pop-ups.  Without having the overhead of a retail store, we’ll also be able to spend time coming up with creative ways to continue to build a community of people who love to reuse and want to make decisions that are good for this Earth. 

We want to be very transparent about our reasons for this decision, and you can imagine this decision was hard to make. Throughout this adventure, there were a few things Darcy + Kayla (co-owners) were not willing to compromise on:

  • Our mental and physical health

  • The commission structure for our vendors (making sure they were compensated fairly for their amazing work)

  • Having ONLY items that were repurposed or reused for sale in the shop

Our decision to close was based on financials. First and foremost, 70% of the sale of a vendor items went directly to the vendor. Because of that, we had to add other income streams to cover expenses. Both co-owners also have full time jobs doing environmental-related work in the community, so our time to dedicate to these other income streams was limited. Sure, we could have brought in wholesale items that weren’t handmade or reused or repurposed but would sell easily. But that would stray from our mission and we didn't want to do that.

Don't worry, we are planning some fun things for 2024. To stay in the know, make sure you follow us on Facebook, Instagram or sign up for our newsletter!

Thank you for reading and THANK YOU for your support. We have learned so much and know the new direction we need to go!

(Finally, If we had to give one final PSA, it would be to spend your money with the businesses and causes that matter to you.  We know life is busy.  We know it’s almost always easier to order things online or to go to big box stores because you can get everything there.  But I urge all of you to consider redirecting even $20 a month to a small business you absolutely love.  Because I guarantee they need it.)

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